by Another Mask

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Mitcher Awesome! I Fucking love this Album.
Nothing more to say!!
Blaze Azelski
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Blaze Azelski The song and album that introduced me to this band. This album is great for it's music as well as it's wisdom about the human condition.

"As I reach out for tomorrow I feel today slips right through my fingers." Favorite track: Satellites.
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dep·o·si·tion (dp-zshn)
1. The act of deposing someone; removing a powerful person from a position or office
2. The act of depositing, especially the laying down of matter by a natural process.
3. Something deposited; a deposit.
4. Sworn testimony recorded for use in court at a later date.
5. "Deposition" The removal of Jesus from the cross.

This record tells a story of an intelligent civilization that is gradually becoming aware of itself and its place in the universe. Each song represents a step in perceiving the nature of things that increases the scale of known universe, making an individual less and less significant.
It is a message to any other species telling that it is possible to overcome greed, selfishness, ignorance and superstition and to prosper in knowledge, love and peace.


released March 7, 2013

All songs written by Another Mask:
Pavel Kazantsev - Vocals
Maxim Gribanovsky - Guitars
Oleg Sharikov - Guitars
Andrey Rozhkov - Bass
Artem Taganov - Drums

Additional vocals by guys from Unprecious

Recorded, mixed by Pavel Kazantsev
Drums recorded by Arkadiy Navaho
Mastered by Kris Crummet at Interlace Audio

Artwork by Oleg Sharikov and Artem Taganov



all rights reserved


Another Mask Moscow, Russian Federation

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Track Name: Follow The Lights
Why can't you see the lights
Flashing every turn so bright
I can't take away my sight
Permanently lost this mind
Following the stars
Countless equations of these rotations
Still we are not really self aware
So gods were invented by confused and stranded
In contemplations of their glare

The followers of the path
Can finally leave it

All the lights above
Could guide through the oceans
But they are not enough
To show where do we belong now
So stay there
Stay where you are

Have we ever been following the stars
Instead of our own voices
I wish you could see that we're not even close
Chasing our lost safety
I'm drawing the lines in the sky
Tracking the motions of stars
As I fall back deeper into the void
Track Name: Crystal Spheres
It seemed so real
How could I be wrong
How could this deception last for so long
No one, no one would believe me
They can't they can not conceive the things that I've seen
With nothing there behind the eyes
Distracted by the smoke we've covered our eyes
And turned away from fires that have burnt around
Devoured by authorities and straggled by the rule
Not much has left of will and strive for anything at all
I've seen them moving in this quiet pace
With such precision and such grace
Maybe I'm too weak to say who's the hunter who's the prey
Maybe we don't need to stay away from the dreamers
Aberrations of the light, constellations moving out of sight
I have seen enough

Until the crystal spheres collapse
We'll have to let the ages pass
Until the crystal spheres collapse
We'll have to let it go, the ignorance is blessed

This is much more than a man can bear
And I've never known that one could even dare
To look in the eyes of this endless depth
It swallows me and takes away my breath
Track Name: Satellites
We've built the cities and the walls to mark the place where we exist
We've said that Sun sat down and rose and to this day we still persist
But how does it feel to see ourselves on another scale
Where all this greatness dies and where we don't prevail

I don't think that we could last so long to leave a solid trace
From all of our hopes there isn't one that time could not erase
And everything moves along these rings as history unfolds
And we'll take our rest on solar winds that carry us home

That's shifted to the outskirts, cast away from the spotlight
We've been holding on to this place like it's firm
But it's moving 'round in circles like a satellite

We move in circles as ages pass like grains of sand in the ocean waves
Being a part of something so vast is to us nothing but a disgrace
So we grasp whatever hands can reach trying hard to show
That we are the masters of this tiny place that we call home

As I reach out for tomorrow I feel today slips right though my fingers
Track Name: Perfect Clock
Anxiety is burning me inside
I'm staring deeper with eyes opened wide
The laws are set, the movements scripted, the variations are dismissed
But if the chance has been restricted, then does the choice itself exist
Is there a way to live in peace being a part of the machine

We never cared to see we are the smallest cogs
Rotating endlessly inside this perfect clock

We churn each other up in ruthless fights for oil
The movement never stops, we kill to get the spoil
The gears are turning on not letting us to see
That we are not alone, just trying hard to be
I'm just a part of the machine, who would confide this world to me

We'll never care to see we are the smallest cogs
Destroying everything inside this perfect clock
Track Name: Gravity
So this is how it feels to breathe in and this is how it feels to be alive
We were always safer than we thought until now so
Stay with me until the night covers us both
Hold your breath, we are imponderable
Satellites wander around far from home
We can finally lose this burden and heat of day
Watching as planets go 'round
With a light-speed we crash into every moment of our lives
For the first time we can see each other with wide open eyes

What if the gravity just stops holding us
Would we still be together as one
What if I don't believe that I have to stay
As close to the ground as I'm now
What if the gravity is gone, would you still hold me just as strong

Here in the middle of nowhere without all the blinding lights
I can see that everything looks different and now we've got nothing to hide
Now we can feel what was once imperceptible
Now we can fly as fast as we want
Now there is nothing left unacceptable, as we're close enough, if we're close enough

I thought we could never leave this place but now it seems to fade away
Only in the open space we can feel the gravity between you and me
Track Name: Guided Missiles & Misguided Men
Timescale gets dilated, we move at the speed of light
Until all those signals become indistinctable

Where do we go from here, do we run away
And when the sky is clear, is it safe to stay
This power is too much to hold until we measure lives with gold

Fearless dreamers set the people free
But only winners can write the history
Smallest pieces bear the greatest force
But what is this, a blessing or a curse

Now that we reveal these endless possibilities
How much do we value a quantum of humanity

Where do we go from here, do we run away
And when the sky is clear, is it safe to stay
This power is too much to hold, some secrets have to stay untold
Track Name: Origin Locus
The greatest secret is kept forever from our eyes
So one can just surmise
I think it might be the reason we breathe
The reason we keep this fire bright
I think it might be the reason we fight
The reason we lock ourselves inside
Moving faster through the space and time
Washed away by another tide
Catching light from pieces of the past
Where the hearts and the minds collide
Perfection never was enough
Each theory aches to be proven wrong
Should I believe or should I doubt
Should I submit or should I flout
Was I contrived, did I evolve
How come this quarrel hasn't yet been solved
The time is lost in all of these meaningless fights
Couldn't open our eyes to see that everything is
Moving faster through the space and time
Washed away by another tide
Catching light from pieces of the past
Where the hearts and the minds collide
The mind can't comprehend the meaning of immensity
Still wasting lives for these pointless fights
There must be something that has started it all out
And drowning in the outer space, reflecting light from distant stars
We'll shine our way through this and heal those everlasting scars
Track Name: Natural Selection
It started without a reason
And now the competition is on
Only the strongest survive
Taking lives to stay alive

Keeping in my chest pieces of the Sun
Anxious for success, what have I become

From species and to the nations
Deliberate extirpation is on
Sinking teeth into the bone
Trying to reclaim the throne
Is this the right way to move on
Feeding on the weak
Crushing everything on the path
How long the world can let it last

Spreading like a pest
Bringing this world down
What will emerge next
Fighting for the crown
Track Name: Pale Blue Dot
All the arrogance ceases with a glance from a distant point
Indiscernible, everything we've ever known
Enemies and friends make their foolish plans sinking in the pride
Wasting breath about how much do we think we own

Faintly it's shining through the night
It's almost out of sight
We've made it out this far
All of the beacons will subside
It gets too dark outside
To find out where we are

So what the consequences are going to be if
The short-time thinking and conceit prevail
This is our last stand against the vanity
No one could save us from ourselves
This is our last stand against the vanity
There is no one to save us from ourselves
In the end we stare at the skyline where we can't define ourselves
Waiting modestly for a sign
Track Name: Won't Last Forever
How can i seal this void sucking me dry
It hurts to breathe growing inside
I have never felt so lost without my fears
Delusions that made me believe
That time won't last forever

We fling ourselves away
To settle for these deceptive lives
But everything we need
Was right before our unwilling eyes

Bridges beneath did not last enough
To lead us further, don't plead we won't go on
Something good to live for or something good to die for
It's all in your head, how much are you willing to share
Do you still believe that everything is as they told you
This gleaming void will tell you everything you'd like to hear
It whispers silently violently anything to keep you numb
But time won't last forever

Just like before you stay away from the light
There's no meaning in any word
Doesn't matter how much you've heard
There's no meaning in any word